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The “Abrazo tango” association aims to promote Argentine tango and Latin American culture. It was born in March 2015 on the initiative of a dozen Messinian tango enthusiasts. Motivated by the desire to share with as many people as possible the pleasure of seeing and, above all, dancing Argentine tango, this group of friends decided that it was necessary to equip themselves with the human and legal means to further develop the practice of tango in the Metz region and beyond.

We all frequented pre-existing associations. Many of us took our first classes there, perfected our skills and now enjoy taking part in the milongas and festivals they organize. We have no intention of overshadowing existing associations in Metz, Nancy or Luxembourg, and we hope that our relationships with other associations will enable our shared passion to flourish.

The founding members agreed on three values that they would always like to keep in mind: Respect, Pleasure and Sharing.

Respect your partner, respect the other dancers, the sometimes awkward beginners, respect the artists and volunteers who work together and do their best for the good of all.

Learning to tango is long and difficult. Yet we all find it a pleasure that is sometimes difficult to express, but which explains the perseverance of so many tangueros. The pleasure of improving, acquiring poise, elegance and complicity with your partner. The pleasure of moments away from it all, when communication with the other becomes clear and wonderful.

Sharing means communicating your pleasure to others, but also passing it on. We hope that the number of enthusiasts will continue to grow, and that many young people will come to discover this extraordinary tool for getting to know oneself and others better…